Anthem for the Broken Heart

Slank emerges amid the diversity of views that linger in an ambivalent purgatory in Indonesia with hopes of living up to their self proclaimed ‘Blue Generation’ thinking they are as wide as the blue sky and deep as the blue ocean. Their album Anthem for the Broken Heart dishes out a series of quick jabs for songs that promote the good hearted themed messages of peace and harmony. Slank goes against the grain with their music as it’s not the typical rock n roll sound although they claim the Rolling Stones are of great inspiration.

Slank turns pain into a rock steady series of tracks that are really bumping. It’s a hindered sound of rock n roll branded with the indie stamp of approval. Their melodies are unique with kudos going around to all members who fuse together not just the standard instruments, but in a combinations and rifts that are really cool. This calm and cooled charm that seeps through seems to come so natural to the guys of Stark. Stark’s members seemed to have some troubles early on, but they’ve reformed themselves and the new album really seems to reflect that with its speedy rock tunes.

Anthem for the Broken Heart is a rare treat assembling the painful pieces of an earlier life and forging them into upbeat songs that are full of pep and don’t resemble any sort of sad moods. The reformed group has a real winner here as they stuck together and whipped up a very lively album with a rollercoaster of adjusting pacing to give Anthem for the Broken Heart an injection that makes it take off.

Track List :
1. Devil In U
2. Caricature
3. I Miss U But I Hate U
4. Do Something
5. Drug Me Up
6. Love Curse
7. Since You’ve Been Gone
8. Wake Up Tonight
9. Virus
10.Too Sweet To Forget

Source : - Added: 31-Oct-2008