Hard for You

Slank Album Slank - The Big Hip
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Indosat: 060896499
Telkomsel: 1210429
XL: 10111799
Fren: 121042999

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Lyric and Chord :

Intro G

G F#m Em
I just need to get home
C B/C Am
I'm boring on the road
G F#m Em
But I still have to go
C B/C Am
To do something for a better world

G F#m
But I don't want you to know
Em C
That I'm crying hard for u
G F#m
I don't want you to know
Em C
That I'm missing hard for u

D Am
Maybe someday we'll be together
and I'll never ever let you alone
D Am
You & I will make love forever
and I promise you
I'll never been gone anymore

song & lyric: Bimbim
Album Slank - The Big Hip
Release year 2008
Produced by Slank Record
Formation : Bimbim, Kaka, Ivan, Abdee, Ridho

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